Thursday, 7 October 2010

Yo! Sushi - Brand Report

Yo! Sushi’s attitude to design is seen by many as radical.  Instead of all their outlets being designed in the same corporate scheme, the company is rebelling, by designing each outlet in its own individual style.

The company is unique in several ways, such as the way in which food is delivered to its customers on a moving conveyer belt.  The way the cost of the meal is calculated is also very different to other restaurants, where colour coded plates show the varying cost of the Sushi.

Yo! Sushi’s logo is vibrant, eye-catching and is clearly designed to attract a younger customer base.  The logo complements the fresh food and clean modern decoration.  

The city that I have chosen for my Yo! Sushi! Restaurant is London.  I have chosen London because it is the capital city and there are a large variety of iconic landmarks, such as The Houses of Parliament, Bucking Palace and The London Eye that could be incorporated into the design scheme.   I have chosen London as this will give me the most variety and creativity to play with considering the famous sights and the history behind them.  The cityscape of London is unmistakable and is recognised across the world. 

Jared Nickerson is the illustrator that I have gained my inspiration from for the style of my wall mural.  This is because his work has a fun, fresh vibe to it with his extremely imaginative thinking and unique character designs.  The aim of my mural is to include a range of London landmarks, but then for them to have its own quirky twist.  This updated cityscape will form the main section of the mural which will be used on promotional materials and menus.

The target audience mainly consists of 18-25 year olds and therefore I am going to design the interior in a funky, modern and vibrant scheme.  The aim of the design is to make Yo! Sushi! a memorable place to eat, where you can enjoy fresh, tasty food in a very modern and well styled surroundings.

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