Friday, 7 January 2011

Yo! Sushi Evaluation

Throughout this project I have developed my skills in the design application Illustrator more than I have in any other project. I have enjoyed the decision making process and creative side of this project, as it has broadened my concepts on new ideas.

Overall, I think the artistic style and theme I have chosen for my re-branding of Yo! Sushi fits the target audience perfectly, with its young and quirky visuals. One of the tasks we was given to complete was to choose a target city for the re-brand. I decided on situating my concepts around the city of London, as it is well known by everyone. Staying away from the traditional London image I decided on pushing the boundaries and went down a similar illustration route, influenced by illustrator Jared Nickerson. I think I successfully managed to pull of this certain style in my illustrations and still keep the iconic landmarks of London recognisable.

My menu, wine bottle designs and direct mail all contain a strong corporate identity, keeping the re-branding of Yo! Sushi powerful and eye catching.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Direct Mail

My direct mail is very similar to the one used for the restaurant Nandos. Basically every time you visit Yo! Sushi for some grub you will receive a stamp. By collecting these stamps you will receive free dishes at certain stages. The chosen free dish all depends on the colour you have reached. 

This loyalty card gives you something back in return for your loyal visits to Yo! Sushi. The card consists of two 85mm x 55mm panels side by side which will be folded once printed. The card will be printed back to back. The front and back pages deliver the aim behind the direct mail and the inside pages are where you will build up your stamp collection.

These cards will be given out at the main Yo! Sushi branch and will also be delivered through your letter box as a piece of direct mail.

Research into wine bottles and my designs

Here are a couple of wine bottles that I came across in my research. Both these designs are very unique and show that wine labels and be made to look fun and creative. I was drawn towards the bottle designs that were covered in illustrations, as that is the look i have chosen for my wall mural. On both bottles the illustrations wrap around them, I may take this into consideration when applying my illustrations.

My Wine Bottle Designs

First attempt of wine bottle designs

Top of the bottle lids

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

YO! Sushi Menu

Rather than going for the standard A4 menu size, my menu consists of seven individual cards that will open out to make a fan like pattern. These will be secured to one another by a rivet like device in the top left hand corner of the menu.

Monday, 8 November 2010

My Yo! Sushi interior

Here is a sneak preview to how the layout and colour scheme of my Yo! Sushi interior will be designed. My wall mural will stretch across the entire back wall, becoming the main focus in the room. Small individual parts of this mural will then break off, spreading around on to other walls in the restaurant.  To make up for the loss of colour in my wall mural the furniture will become vibrant and modern, adding to the playfulness of Yo! Sushi.

(colours on the bottom image are not for definate)