Tuesday, 19 October 2010

More of my illustrations

Since my last blog entry I have been developing ideas for my wall mural.

Big Ben
Just like the illustration I did for the London Eye, I have played on the the name of the London landmark called Big Ben. Straight away my first thoughts was to turn it into a character with power and strength. To show this I decided on adding a pair of muscle arms and a large, heavy chain around his neck. This all connects very well together and shows a sense of  power. I wouldn't mess around with Big Ben if i was you.

Tourist Camera
Tourists in London go photo crazy when sight seeing around the city. So i decided to play with this factor and make the camera home to a small, photo thirsty monster. This monster is hidden away inside the camera lens where you can just see it's wide eyes and razor sharp teeth. I then decided to give the illustration a pair of zombie like arms to go with the whole monster theme. I think this works really well and completes the illustration.

Theatre Masks
London is well known for its theatre plays down at the Westend. To show this i went straight for the traditional theatre masks, showing the emotions of happy and sad. I wanted to emphasis on these emotions, so made the facial features more distinctive. I then decided on  placing a tear drop underneath the eye of the sad mask to emphasis the emotion. This further developed into me giving the tear drop a character of its own, making it to have the sad emotion on its face. To balance the illustration out i then added a small sun underneath the eye of the happy mask to emphasis the emotion of happiness. 

With this illustration i was thinking of maybe adding two hands at either side of the masks. One giving the thumbs up and one giving the thumbs down. This is because i feel as though it is missing something compared to all the other illustrations i have done so far.

Telephone Box
 I wanted to step away from the tradional looking phone box, so decided on turning it into an alien like creature. To achieve this I turned the phones into tenticals and gave the design similair characteristics to some of my previous illustrations.

The Gherkin

London Underground

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