Friday, 7 January 2011

Yo! Sushi Evaluation

Throughout this project I have developed my skills in the design application Illustrator more than I have in any other project. I have enjoyed the decision making process and creative side of this project, as it has broadened my concepts on new ideas.

Overall, I think the artistic style and theme I have chosen for my re-branding of Yo! Sushi fits the target audience perfectly, with its young and quirky visuals. One of the tasks we was given to complete was to choose a target city for the re-brand. I decided on situating my concepts around the city of London, as it is well known by everyone. Staying away from the traditional London image I decided on pushing the boundaries and went down a similar illustration route, influenced by illustrator Jared Nickerson. I think I successfully managed to pull of this certain style in my illustrations and still keep the iconic landmarks of London recognisable.

My menu, wine bottle designs and direct mail all contain a strong corporate identity, keeping the re-branding of Yo! Sushi powerful and eye catching.

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